EAA Chapter 34

Dalworth Chapter - Arlington, Texas



Memorial Wall




Glynn Swain


Glynn Swain passed away at 1:10 P.M. Sunday March 3, 2013.



Lauren Tanner

Wife of Jay Tanner long time EAA Chapter 34 member


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Marion H. (Curly) Havelaar

He passed away in his sleep, at home, on Monday afternoon, July 26, 2010, after a long illness.


Ray Goree
Our long time member Ray Goree passed away Feb. 13. Ray was building a KR2 at the Arlington Municipal Airport.


Ernie Ruff
Long time member Ernie Ruff's passing and was asked to send along funeral information.
Ernie was an Naval Aviator who flew the Navy version, and until recent years, was a pilot/co-pilot for the B-17 "Chuckie" kept at Meacham field.

James Marshall
July 24, 2008



John, Cyndy and son John Newman III

July 19, 2008

John was a true leader in all respects of EAA Standards. John was a rare member to Chapter 34 and was an outstanding pilot, friend and family man. His dedication to his family was carried forward into his flying abilities. John had over 1000 hours in his Piper Tri-Pacer and he and his whole family had flown all over the country. John had been a very active member since he joined Chapter 34 over twenty years ago and held various positions of responsibility during his membership. There isn't enough words to express our gratitude to the selfless dedication that John and Cyndy had to Chapter 34. They will be missed terribly.


Art Evans Passes



John Williamson
May 26, 2008


Sandra Dunzel

March 13, 2008

Sad news, Ernie Dunzel lost his wife Sandra Thursday evening March 13, 2008.